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Demon Queen Nephelia by DemonLordLilith Demon Queen Nephelia by DemonLordLilith
a digitally redone version of :icongraydrone:'s deviation of my oc! i like how the background came out! :happybounce:

Name: Nephelia
Race: Demon
Occupation: Ruler of the Demon realms
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Height: 5.0
Weight: 105.2
Build: curvy, more muscle than fat
Eye Color: cat like and blood red, most of the time she has black and red eyeshadow around them
Hair Color: snow white with blood red accents
Hair Shape: long, upper thigh length, curls at end
Skin Tone: fair
Personality: Nephelia overall is the perfect queen, loves her people and goes out of her way to keep them happy, most of the time shes aloof and indifferent, distant, caculating, has a soft spot for her mate, and youngest daughter, but she can be manipulative and sometimes... lusty...
Special ablities: the Zenchinome- which means omniscient eye, the Zenchinome is a third eye, THAT ONLY CAN BE OBTAINED THROUGH ROYAL BLOODLINE, only offspring destined to take throne in other smaller demon realms are born with it, so only a select few lilim have it, but of course none of them are as powerful as their mothers, its like a crystal ball sorta, but more powerful, it can see into the past, future and sees everything that happens in the demon realms, whether shes there in person or not, it also give the abilities to see into a persons memories and thoughts, and can manipulate lower beings to do her bidding (like animals and humans), and when she doesn't have it activated its disguised as a crystal with the simple designs around it, the design was inspired by the Sharingan
her wings and tail are a lot stronger than any normal monster girls, the heart on the end is sharper than any blade, and harder than any steel, the metal around it is a sort of protection for when it becomes sensitive during her time of heat
her wings can whip up strong tornados and send of shockwaves easily
magic (obviously)
Background: Nephelia is the supreme demon lord of all the monster girls, but she does have other queens in the demon realm court, nephelia is a powerful demoness that came into power a few hundrend years ago, she then mated and married a well known male demon noble, melanthios. she then started creating new kinds of demons, and demon realms, and demon nobles to appoint to them.

you may draw her if you wish, but credit this page and me for creating her!! i put a lot of hard work into her and i will not allow thievery!!! :skull: YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! :skull:
Graydrone Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What in the world did you use? Paint Tools?
DemonLordLilith Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lmao i used gimp on my laptop! xD
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March 12, 2013
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